The Steinmetz Family School of Chai seeks to inspire each student with a comprehensive Jewish education in a caring, innovative, and vibrant community. Through engaging learning for students in grades Pre-K through 6th, we combine compelling Hebrew and Judaic curriculum with our fun Camp Chai specials which include art, music, cooking, & drama! We seek to inspire students and their families to connect to their Jewish heritage while building a sense of Jewish identity that is relevant and meaningful in today’s world.

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The pre-k through sixth grade curriculum is designed to engage the student, allowing him/her to discover an individual sense of Jewish self and to gain a solid connection to our Jewish traditions and values. Knowledge of the alef-bet, Hebrew decoding, prayer book skills, with a touch of modern Hebrew are built upon throughout the grades. Our curriculum utilizes the books and materials from Behrman House including the URJ CHAI Curriculum. Online resources are also utilized through the Behrman House OLC. Teacher-made curriculum is also used to enhance learning.


Pre-K is a time to explore first beginnings in a child’s Jewish journey. Through music, stories, art projects, and other hands-on and minds-on learning, children will gain meaningful Jewish educational and social connections. Children will have the chance to build friendships and make special memories.

Kindergarten and First Grade

Kindergarten is the time for discovery – discovery about the holidays, the synagogue, the beginning of the Torah and God. First Grade is a time of exploring- exploring Shabbat, being Jewish, our Matriarchs and Patriarchs and mitzvot.

In kindergarten and first grade, the children discover and explore Hebrew, with an introduction to Hebrew letters and language.

Second Grade

Students in second grade are continuing to discover their Jewish identity through the exploration of mitzvot, Israel and Bible stories.

Utilizing teacher-made curriculum, students continue learning the building blocks of the Hebrew language.

Third Grade

In third grade, students explore how to be a mensch (good person) and also study Israel through a scavenger hunt. Students learn the names and sounds of the Hebrew letters and vowels and by the end of the year are able to read basic prayers.

Fourth Grade through Sixth Grade

In fourth grade, students explore the Bible and Jewish values. Fourth graders are introduced to modern conversational Hebrew along with prayers.

Fifth Grade students study ethics and making connections to our Jewish text and building Jewish identity along with study of the prophets. They become detectives with Hebrew roots and become much more proficient in prayer study.

Sixth Grade is an opportunity for the students to explore their relationship with God and Israel. Hebrew in sixth grade is prayer study in Mishkan T’filah.

Seventh through Twelfth Grade

Students enter YALA, a new and groundbreaking program engaging 7th-12th graders in innovative, fun, relevant, Jewish learning and social experiences. Click for more information on YALA