Social Groups

BOOMERS PLUS: A social group for baby boomers age 50+.

Contact: Marcy Turnbull,

INTERFAITH COUPLES GROUP: A group for Interfaith Couples who are not only a social group but who also share their perspectives and experiences on subjects that may include marriage, raising children, celebrating holidays and other topics of interest to the group in a fun, relaxed environment that encourages and respects different views, opinions and traditions.

Contact: Heidi Fiacco,

MEN OF REFORM JUDAISM (BROTHERHOOD): Brotherhood offers the men of our congregation, 18 and older, the opportunity for fellowship through varied intergenerational activities. These activities provide not only fun and camaraderie, but also generate funds which enable us to help support to CRJ and the community.

Contact: Anil Aggarwal,

ROSH CHODESH GROUP: A monthly gathering of women to celebrate the “new moon” as observed in Jewish tradition together through prayer, ritual, study and discussion of relevant topics.

Contact: Cantor Jacki,

SENIORS: A vibrant, spirited group of adults over 60 who look forward to getting together for monthly meetings to catch up with each other and enjoy quality entertainment, education and community awareness programming.

Contact: Dr. Allan Myers,

WOMEN OF REFORM JUDAISM (Sisterhood): WRJ-CRJ hosts many events during the year such as the Channukah Dinner and a community Women’s Seder. Looking for a special gift for an upcoming Simcha?

Contact: Carolyn Weinstein,