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The FIRST Friday of the month at 5:30 pm TOT SHABBAT
Join Rabbi Engel and Cantor Jacki for a 30 minute music filled Shabbat Service for kids 0 - 6 years & siblings.
Oct. 2 Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Feb. 5 March 4 April 1 May 6

Erev Shabbat Services are at 7pm unless otherwise noted.

FIRST Friday: SHABBAT SIMCHAH (Sabbath of Joy)
A spirited Shabbat service that will include liturgy, music and singing that is appropriate for both children and adults and will reflect the joyful and vibrant energy that is Shabbat

SECOND Friday: SHABBAT HALAYV (Sabbath of the Heart)
A reflective and meditative worship experience. With a special prayer book, those in need of healing or who have experienced something joyful in their lives, they will be invited to stand beneath the sukkah of the heart for special blessings. The music of this service is at the same time participatory, soothing, joyous and reflective.

THIRD Friday: SHABBAT SHIRAH (Sabbath of Song)
This service reflects the diversity and depth of music within Jewish worship. From Chassidic nigunim, to well known melodies of Reform composers, to sounds of our collective Jewish past, we join our voices in song. The Choir and Shirim Ensemble with their instruments help to create a moving experience. Those celebrating their birthdays each month will be called to the bima for a special birthday prayer.

FOURTH and FIFTH Friday at 6:00 pm in the Schott Family Chapel
SHABBAT KABBALAT (Sabbath of Mysticism)
The musical settings and liturgy are interwoven to reflect Jewish mystical texts and a rich tapestry of prayer and song. The Shirim Ensemble joins us to add depth and beauty to this unique service.

10:00 am in the Sanctuary

Enjoy Shabbat at CRJ