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MISSION ANSWERS: What is our purpose; why does CRJ exist?". The mission of Congregation of Reform Judaism is to offer a synagogue culture that is inviting and respectful, with inspiring services and programs that promote lifelong Jewish learning within a caring, innovative and vibrant congregation.

"What do we want to become and sustain?" To be THE most inviting and spiritually creative congregation of Reform Jewish worship and experience.


• Worship Opportunities
  To offer creative, thoughtful, meaningful worship opportunities, which promote a sense of faith, peace and
  personal engagement.

• Jewish Education
  To promote lifelong Jewish values, by creating and delivering unique, stimulating learning opportunities for congregants
  of all ages.

• Programs and Activities
  To offer a wide array of programs, events and activities that engages and connects our temple’s diverse membership.

• Culture and Relationships
  To develop and maintain a caring culture where members feel valued and connected in a welcoming and vibrant Jewish
   environment, with mutually supportive and respectful relationships among all stakeholders.

• Social Responsibility
  To be a congregation that is socially responsible, locally, nationally and to Israel.

• Volunteerism
  To nurture and promote active member volunteerism from grassroots to leadership.

• Infrastructure
  To develop and maintain an infrastructure that ensures sustainable capacity in physical assets, financial
  viability, administrative leadership and professional and supportive staff operations.