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" A joyful community that inspires the soul, builds relationships and engages the world"

Membership in CRJ is open to all Jewish adults and members of their families. We welcome anyone considering membership to attend one of our Friday night or Saturday morning services and to meet Rabbi Steven Engel, Cantor Jacqueline Rawiszer and our current members. Our membership year goes from January 1 to December 31.

For more information about membership please contact:
Executive Director, Michael Kancher

The Congregation of Reform Judaism is committed to maintaining a warm, friendly congregation with an openness that embraces the ideas, perspectives, and abilities of all of its members.

Reasons to Join Congregation of Reform Judaism:

There are as MANY reasons to join CRJ as there are members…we look forward to helping you find what reasons best
fit you.

We are the place for you if you want a welcoming temple where you can pray, learn, quietly study, give of your time, teach, sing, worship, hear Survivors tell their story or tell your story, bury a loved one, grieve—all in the presence of a caring congregational family. We offer you a home away from home, where you can observe the High Holy Days, celebrate a Baby Naming, enroll children in a quality Religious School, take advantage of Adult Education, receive counseling to help you and /or your family through difficult time, participate in Chavurahs or CRJ Sisterhood and Brotherhood.

You will meet interested and interesting congregants by serving on a committee, planting a garden, helping the less fortunate of Mitzvah Day, buying a child a pair of shoes at Chanukah, going to services on Friday Night, serving the homeless and/or enrolling in our Bar, Bat and Adult B’nai Mitzvah program. We provide such varied programming that
we believe every member will find fulfilling activities.

Being a member of CRJ offers you the joy of making new friends…practicing your religion in the manner that best suits you. We are a Jewish “community” ….and much, much, more…

• The People – As members of the Congregation of Reform Judaism, you will experience a synagogue full of members who are optimistic, accepting, open and nurturing. Our clergy, staff, lay leaders and volunteers devote themselves everyday to providing an environment that offers ongoing opportunities for spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth for CRJ members from birth to adulthood.

• Our Clergy
(two great reasons in one) - Your membership gives you access to the spiritual and gifted leadership team of CRJ clergy- Rabbi Steven W. Engel and Cantor Jacqueline Rawiszer.
  > Click HERE to read more about our Rabbi and Cantor

Ask around - our Clergy is second to none! As part of our future planning, The Congregation for Reform Judaism has signed long-term contracts with our clergy. You can have confidence knowing your Temple is there for you not only in times of celebration, but also in times of difficulty.

• Our Rich Past and Exciting Future - We are the oldest and largest Reform congregation in Central Florida. We offer you the security and the sense of belonging that only a synagogue with decades of history can provide. Our past is as rich in diversity as our members.

We also look seriously to the planning of our future, into the next 5, 10, and even 20 years. CRJ expects to continue to grow, but we must remain true to the excellent reputation we earned during our past history. In 2010, the congregation joyously celebrated its 60th anniversary!

• A Place to Make New Friends - Our members have said “I have made my very best, life-long friends at CRJ.” Being
a member of the Congregation of Reform Judaism means different things to each member--forming friendships, getting involved, or just being a part of a temple. Synagogue life” at the Congregation of Reform Judaism means having many choices- whether it’s through participation in Jewish learning, volunteering your time and talent, attending our exciting programs, serving in leadership positions, giving through financial means, educating your children, or worshiping with
us- you will feel a part of the CRJ family.

• Our Programs & Events- with over 600 families strong, there is a continuous need for exciting, fun, purposeful, and diversified programming. As members of the Congregation of Reform Judaism, you will find the programming to be interesting, varied and frequent. There is something for everyone and the calendar is full!!!
  > Click HERE for Programs

• Shabbat Services: Different type of Shabbat Service EVERY week. We offer a different theme for our Shabbat Service every Friday night to continually serve the needs and interests of ALL of our member -

  > Click HERE for Shabbat Services

• Our Religious School / The Steinmetz Family School of Chai
The Congregation of Reform Judaism has a unique religious school program. Under the direction of Sheryl Sacharoff, Religious School Director, The Steinmetz family School of Chai is a special concept of learning which encompasses the best of both formal and informal education in its curriculum. Our teachers are enthusiastic and motivating, and our students have many opportunities to participate in innovative activities to “live their Judaism.”
  > Click HERE for Religious School information

• Our Welcome- at the Congregation of Reform Judaism, we welcome your whole family. Interfaith families are welcomed at the Congregation of Reform Judaism. Whether you are a Supporting or a Sustaining Member---You are a family and
will be joining as a family with a family membership. You and your spouse, life partner, and children will experience a warm, welcoming environment.

  > Click HERE for Mission

• A Place For You to Pray - Whether you attend Friday Night Services, B’nai Mitzvah on Saturday mornings, Torah study with Rabbi Engel, Adult B’nai Mitzvah with Cantor Rawiszer—The Congregation of Reform Judaism will continue to provide a doorway for you to enter your own mode of prayer.