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Care Team

The new CRJ Care Team has been established to serve congregants who need extra support. Congregants
may need help with a ride after they leave the hospital to get to doctor's appointments, the pharmacy, grocery
store, services or another CRJ event or they may need meals delivered to their home. Most of the volunteers
help only when their schedules permit and at a one-at-a-time assignment. See the description of the various
volunteer roles that comprise the CRJ Care Team in addition to the Care Team Director.

What is the CRJ Care Team?

CRJ Congregants help fellow congregants who are homebound either because of an illness or an inability to drive themselves to the places they need to go. Such help might include:
• Driving a fellow congregant to the doctor or the grocery store.
• Driving a fellow congregant to CRJ services or another synagogue event.
• Preparing and/or delivering meals to a congregant’s home.

Volunteer Roles Within the CRJ Care Team?


• This person (Beverly Smith) receives congregants’ requests for help from the CRJ office staff.
• She reviews the request to confirm that it is appropriate for the CRJ Care Team.
• If the request is appropriate for the CRJ Care Team, she assigns it to a Team Leader.
• If the request is not appropriate, she will refer the person to a CRJ committee or to a community resource.

CARE TEAM LEADERS (need several volunteers for this position)

• Contacts the potential care recipient to set up a time to meet the congregant in his/her home to conduct a
  one-time assessment.
• After the home visit is completed, the Team Leader contacts the Volunteer Coordinator to inform him or her of
  the recipient’s service need.
• The Team Leader becomes the consistent link to the CRJ Care Team for the care recipient.
• Whenever the care recipient has a need that the CRJ Care Team can fulfill, the care recipient calls the Team
  Leader to whom he or she is assigned.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS (served by one person at a time, Position rotates among volunteers every 2 weeks)

• Contacts the general bank of Volunteers to locate a volunteer able to fulfill the requests of the care recipient.
• Once the Volunteer Coordinator secures a volunteer, he or she gives the volunteer’s name to the Team Leader.
• The Team Leader then contacts the care recipient to let him or her know the name of the volunteer who will be
  providing the service and that the volunteer will be calling the care recipient to confirm.


• The Volunteer Coordinator asks the Volunteer if he/she can fill the recipient’s request and the Volunteer decides
  if she or he can do it.
• If the Volunteer is able to perform the service, the volunteer does so and makes the arrangements with the
  care recipient.
• If the Volunteer cannot fulfill the request, the Volunteer Coordinator contacts another volunteer in the general
  bank of volunteers until someone is found.


If you would like to request
services: call the office at
407-645-0444. If you would
like to volunteer: contact
Beverly Smith at


Return form to CRJ Care Team,
Attn: Beverly Smith, 928 Malone Drive, Orlando, FL 32810