Men of Reform Judaism (Brotherhood)

Brotherhood offers the men of our congregation, 18 and older, the opportunity for fellowship through varied intergenerational activities. These activities provide not only fun and camaraderie, but also generate funds which enable us to help support to CRJ and the community.

• Supports the synagogue in many ways such as assisting with the mitzvah of the annual
  Sukkah building

• Provides a gift to each B’nai Mitzvah student upon their becoming a son or daughter of
  the commandments

• Helps to cook at CRJ barbeques for the holiday of sukkot and more recently in support of
  the CRJ Chant Circle and has even participated and help plan Brotherhood Erev
  Shabbat  services in recent times.

• Looking for new members to help reinvigorate our group and to build out a full-year
  calendar of events

• Welcomes all men ages 18 or older who are affiliated in some way with the greater Orlando
  Jewish community

• Collects a modest annual membership dues of $36

“…Help Reform Jewish men find identity, involvement, and inspiration through fuller participation in their local temple community and through involvement with larger societal issues and concerns. In an effort to engage in projects and activities that provide meaningful services to our congregation; to sponsor and promote vitally important nationwide community-building projects; and to give members the opportunity to explore and celebrate their male Jewish spirit, our Brotherhood sponsors a wide range of activities.”








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