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Board of Directors


President, Honorable Mark S. Blechman
President - Elect, Susan McKenna
Secretary, Barbara Grossman
VP Budget and Finance, Ian Robinson
VP of Human Resources, Mark Levitt
VP of Education and Youth Programming, Dori Gerber
VP of Membership, Camy-Schwam Wilcox
VP of Communications, Marketing and Social Media, Brian Margolis
VP of Worship and Compassion, Michael Meyer
VP of Volunteerism and Congregant Engagement, Cathy Lieblich
VP of Leadership Development, Roger Jacobson
Immediate Past President, Lynn Dictor



Dr. Clarence Bernstein 1950-1954
Reuben Stiefel 1953-1954
Sidney Gluckman 1954-1955
Dr. Joseph Seltzer 1955-1956
Aaron Weiner 1956-1958
Ferninand Kohner, Jr. 1959-1961
Frederic Hodes 1959-1961
Herbert Hecht 1961-1962
Louis M. Barkin 1962-1963
Henry Geenberg 1963-1964
Louis M. Barkin 1965-1966
Henry Greenberg 1966-1967
Leo Lichten 1967-1969
Dr. Albert M. Ziffer 1969-1971
Sidney Kaplan 1971-1972
Stanley Caplan 1972-1974
Bruce Bogin 1974-1975
Paul Grossman 1975-1977
Betty Watzman Monroe 1977-1979
William A. Jacob 1979-1981
Sidney R. Geist, Jr. 1981-1983
Martin R. Glickstein 1983-1985
Arnold P. Stein 1985-1987
Stephen Feinberg 1987-1989
Mark J. Abramson 1989-1991
Sidney R. Geist, Jr. 1991-1993
Mark Stern 1993-1994
Ann Conley & Linda Kahn 1994-5
Fern Copeland Burr 1995-1997
Paul Grossman 1997-1998
Nancy Walk 1998-2001
Robert Gold, M.D. 2001-2003
Melvin J. Kohn 2003-2005
Mitchell B. Walk 2005-2007
Dr. Alex Sacharoff 2007-2009
Mitchell B. Walk 2009-2010
Sheri Croft 2010-2012
Lynn Warner (2012-2014)